The Body: Altered/Adorned : Baltimore Jewelry Center

Exhibition Dates: Nov. 30 – February 3, 2019
with an opening reception of Pairings Friday, Nov. 30 from 6 – 9pm.

Through time immemorial and through a variety of means and methods, humans have altered, modified, constricted, extended, and aided our bodies. These modifications may be enacted to fit a social norm or to set oneself apart, to adorn or restrict, to create a “better” body. The work showcased in The Body: Altered/Adorned explore the idea of the manipulate body, through the use of sourced materials that once had a function or context related to the body or through the creation of objects that modify or alter the body itself.


Craft Texas 2018 - Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC)


SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 — JANUARY 6, 2019

CraftTexas 2018 is the the tenth in a series of biennial juried exhibitions showcasing the best in Texas-made contemporary craft. Juried by Jennifer Scanlan, Curatorial and Exhibitions Director at Oklahoma Contemporary, the show features 50 works by 36 artists and includes a wide range of sculpture, jewelry, and furniture, with a strong emphasis on cutting-edge works. for more visit :


In Profile: Modern Cameos : Baltimore Jewelry center, MD, Sept. 21-Nov. 9, 2018

with an opening reception of Pairings Friday, Sept. 21 from 6 – 9pm.

The cameo has a vast and varied history, from antiquity to the present day. It has acted as a signifier of prestige and status, a memento for travel, and an indicator of desire. Figuration within the cameo has honored rulers and real-life heros, retold myths, and immortalized legends...  for more go to:


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