I work figuratively because I believe that everything in the world exists in context and context is what interests me the most. I am also fascinated by transformation of ordinary things and materials. Aluminum is an industrial material, but changes drastically once melted and poured revealing a delicate texture, almost like a new identity is revealed during melting process.

I employ scrap aluminum such as aluminum cans, gutters, ladders and car parts as source material for my work. I melt and pure aluminum in my backyard using “free casting “ techniques without any preconceived form, letting it solidify freely using a homemade furnace.  Over the years I’ve come up with several techniques for cold connecting aluminum. Piercing aluminum parts and stitching them to leather has become my primary process and visual language for expressing my ideas. This peculiar connecting technique bears a special meaning to me, showing that hard and soft materials don’t necessarily have to contradict each but rather can be intertwined and represent two sides of the same entity.